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Anti-Slavery Policy


It is the policy of Whispers Care Solutions that no person, regardless of their employment status within the company, will be subjected to violence, harassment, or physical or verbal abuse in the workplace. This policy extends to those persons who work outside of the office with Whispers’ clients, and to those not within the employment of the company but who are affected by our undertakings, in so far as we are able to reasonably control the circumstances.

The company considers any of the following to constitute violence, aggression or harassment: 
• Physical assault - whether or not injury results. 
• Behaviours that undermine the dignity of any individual. 
• Malicious acts which result in an individual or group suffering physical or psychological harm.

Organisation & Responsibilities

All incidents or allegations of violence or harassment reported by our staff will be handled by the HR department. For each incident, a member of the management team will be appointed to oversee the investigation. The HR department is to ensure that all reports are fully investigated and a report is made to the nominated member of management. All investigations are to be impartial. 
Following any investigation, an action plan will be agreed with each party. The action plan is to be monitored by the HR department who will make periodic reports on progress to the nominated board member. The frequency of such reports will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but must be determined as a result of the investigation and detailed in the action plan. 
Where there is reason to believe that violence has occurred, it is reasonable and may be necessary to make a report to the police for further investigation. The nominated board member will make this decision for the company. However, it should be noted that any individual has the right to report an incident to the police.


We will consult with our employees on matters relating to violence through HR and/or the management team.


Outcomes of Investigations

Proven cases of violence or harassment will lead to disciplinary action. The normal disciplinary procedures will apply. However, the company consider violence to be a serious issue and may proceed directly to dismissal in serious cases. 
Malicious and false accusation will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.

Support for Victims

The company will endeavour to provide any support reasonably necessary for victims. In all cases, the company will meet its statutory obligations.

Review of Policy

This policy will be reviewed and updated in line with experience, changes in statutory requirements and developments in best practice.

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