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Down the Rabbit hole we go!

The Whispers Marketing team have been very busy developing a purpose-built mobile application, designed specifically for Whispers employees.

Whispers is preparing to launch a 'game-changing' mobile app for staff. The Rabbit app will provide all Whispers employees with a range of tools and resources to make certain tasks a little easier, and will ultimately save people time and effort. The app has just completed testing and is set to launch on Monday 7th November.

Whispers Marketing Manager, Sean Brewer, said: "Our staff work extremely hard, and we had the idea to develop an application that would help to save them time on clerical tasks. We always like to think outside the box and there have been a lot of late nights spent getting everything just right with the Rabbit app, but I think that the team are ready to deliver something really innovative and very impressive."

The Rabbit app empowers employees to perform a range of helpful in-app functions with just a tap of their phone screen, including:

  • Booking and cancelling annual leave

  • Intelligent contact links

  • Reading important Whispers news and updates

  • Instant downloads of rota and care plan applications

  • Access to Whispers social media platforms

  • Nominate a colleague for excellent service

The app has been built with flexibility and future-proofing on mind, meaning that extra functions can be added and amended based on employee feedback.

Whispers Service Manager, Liz Gibbs, said: "From a service point of view, the new app covers all aspects of supporting our care teams, and helps to keep processes clear and simple. Our leadership team pride themselves on their collective creative thinking, which is one of the major things that keeps Whispers ahead of everyone else."

Further details on accessing and downloading the app will follow in the coming days.



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