• Team Whispers

Amelia & Kath: Whispers Angels

We want to give an extra special mention to Amelia & Kath, two of our amazing Health Care Assistants who recently carried out some exceptional work.

In late March both ladies arrived at a client’s home, where they were met by a distressed next of kin – the client was choking and was beginning to turn blue.

Quick as a flash Amelia raised the alarm to the emergency services, whilst Kath administered emergency first aid to the client and successfully dislodged the blockage. Paramedics arrived and took the client to hospital for further observation, and we are very happy to learn that the client is now back home recovering. We want to thank both Amelia & Kath for their bravery, their calmness, and their absolute professionalism. We’d also like to thank Sharon from our Duty Desk, who assisted our ladies over the phone and helped to make sure everyone involved was safe and calm.

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